Zoku be damned: on quiting ice cream (sort of) and making popsicles instead


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I had a dream this past week. It involved making use of my Zoku. Don’t know what a Zoku is? Don’t have a Zoku? For shame! You are missing out! Though, really, you’re only missing out partially, because if you are half in the bag like I am (hello Canada Day long weekend), and haven’t used your Zoku in a couple years, you may not pay attention to the instructions on how to use said Zoku, and your attempt at making icy treats may have gone slightly awry, and now you have a watermelon and mint lime slush drink instead.

I had to resort to my plastic molds and make generic popsicles the old fashioned and slooow way. Though, after gaining a little patience and therefore taking a beat to read the Zoku instructions, I did manage to make one ‘quick pop’. So, while my popsicles were freezing slowly, I could at least taste the watermelon and lime fruits of my labour. Yum! (see recipe below).

I am an ice cream consuming freak. I have won dares on the amount of ice cream I can consume. I have been able to polish off two litres worth of it in a single sitting. It’s embarrassing to admit, but there you have it folks. Step right up to Exhibit A: the bottomless ice cream consuming pit!

These last couple of months I have made serious headway in cutting WAY down on the amount of ice cream I consume, like maybe, what a normal person would consider a single serving (and what I say is fitting of a leprechaun). And that’s only if I’m out. I haven’t bought the stuff in what feels like eons (though in reality, it’s been like two months), and what I have bought for at-home-consuming purposes has been anything from Coconut Bliss. I’m slow and loathe to learn, dairy is not our friends.

Yup. Gross.

Coconut Bliss is a wonderful dairy alternative, though costly. My local health food store sells a wide variety of their flavours (chocolate walnut brownie = super yum), but at around $11 per 473 ml, it’s not a habit I want to foster.

And so. My novelty craving self craved me some ice treats. Not the same as ice cream, no way no how, but tasty, healthy, and well, it gives my hands and mouth something to do (minds out of the gutter please) while I binge watch everything ever produced in life.

I found a couple recipes here and here and merged them when I went grocery shopping for the ingredients—I nixed the basil and went for my all time fave herb instead: MINT. I originally made this recipe for Victoria Day weekend (which, let’s be honest, was far better popsicle eating weather than what we’re experiencing at the mo’: 19°C and rain with chance of thunderstorms).

Watermelon Lime Mint Popsicle

Watermelon Lime Mint Popsicles:

5 cups seedless watermelon, cubed
1-2 limes, freshly squeezed
½ – 1 tbsp honey (I used raw honey)
As-much-as-you-please mint, chopped (I used a lot – likely a cup or more of a spearminty mint)

  1. Add watermelon, lime juice, honey, and mint* into a blender.
  2. Blend until well-pureed, though I followed A Sweet Pea Chef‘s recipe and divided 1 cup of watermelon out and set the blender to ‘pulse’ to attempt at having chunky watermelon bits, for, you know, texture and being fancy—though in frozen form, I don’t think it matters.
  3. Taste. My watermelon wasn’t that sweet, so I played around with the honey and lime.
  4. Pour carefully (and don’t make a massive mess like I did) into molds of your choosing and freeze.
  5. Et voilà! Yumminess on a stick.

*If you have time and want to get all fancy, do as Savory Lotus does and boil equal parts water to mint, and pour over the mint and let steep until completely cooled. You may even try and muddle the leaves to release all that minty goodness.


Happy Canada Day / Joyeux Jour du Canada !


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