Walking dead: expressing your soul


The only math I’m a fan of is numerology. And lately, I’ve been getting pretty into it. There are so many nuggets of greatness, so many truths I resonate with. It’s hard not to be inspired.

This particular nugget, taken from my ‘deluxe numerology report’ acquired from numerologist.com is a gem:

The Soul has an agenda; it is the part of us that seeks experience, expression and growth. Much has been written about how health, prosperity, love and fulfilment are the result of living the life of the Soul, and an equal amount has been said about what happens to us when we deny the Soul its expression.

Author, Shaman, Healer and Teacher Robert Moss has said:

The Iroquois Indians say that if we fail to honor “the wishes of the soul” (as opposed to ego agendas), the soul will distance itself from us, leaving us prone to sickness and bad luck, putting us on the road of the walking dead.

No zombies here.


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