Trans Can HWY #4: Lessons in RCMP

Two years ago this past August, my mother and I ventured on a cross country trek in my brother’s Jeep across Canada. We drove west from southwestern Ontario to Vancouver, BC over the course of two weeks, and then down to northern California to meet up with the men in our family. The following are taken from emails I wrote to family and friends.

Day 4 : Friday, August 3, 2012

Today is Day #4 and feels like day #100. We have seen much and driven that much more.IMG_1791

We rose extremely early and made it out the door by 6:30 am, our best record yet. Scooted up north for 15 minutes to check out Gimli – largest Icelandic population outside of Iceland, and this weekend  they have their annual Islendingadagurinn festival celebrating all things Iceland and the like.

IMG_1817From Gimli we bypassed “the Peg”, back on to HWY 1 and westward through some very green and lush flat lands and in a blink we were in Saskatchewan. Saw many a sunflower and IMG_1841canola field. We pulled over for a bite to eat due in part to our stomach’s growling (obvi) but also due to the cute road sign advertising Indian Head Bakery. We soon learned that Indian Head is home to the very Canadian (obvi X2) TV show, Little Mosque on the Prairie. We made an attempt to see said Mosque, no luck.

Once in Regina we meandered to the heart of the city to the RCMPIMG_1868 Heritage Centre for a look-see and a tour. Very interesting our Mounted Police history. I dig that Sam Steele. Interesting mentions:

  1. One of the buildings at the RCMP Depot, A.B. Perry, was the first building to have central heating in Regina;
  2. Charles Dickens’ third son, Francis Dickens, was an inspector in the North-West Mounted Police; and
  3. Once we stepped out of the Drill Hall we met an officer who was with his dog Suzanna – a golden lab gift from The Queen (physically given though by Prince Edward) the breed being one of her faves, and named by Her Royal Majesty after the movie, Susannah of the Mounties. You can thank me later when you win a round of trivia with that one.

IMG_1930Next stop: Moose Jaw. I like Moose Jaw – originating from the Cree word “Moosegaw” meaning “Warm Breezes” and not having anything to do with moose or jaws. Mind blown? Mine was. Very old, lots of seedy history, namely bootlegging. Moms and I did a tour of an underground tunnel, entitled: The Chicago Connection. Quite entertaining. A 50 minute dramatic tour – there were two actors that escorted our group through the various rooms, secret passages between rooms, and some tunnels. Highly entertaining, well executed, and some very cool artifacts to be seen – like, Al Capone’s bullet proof chair he had brought up from Chicago.

Had very bad chinese at The National (where Ryan Reynolds’ signed mug indicated was a great place to dine) and called it a day. Phew.

Kilometres achieved: 797 km

IMG_1846 IMG_1862IMG_1894

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