Trans Can HWY #3: 50’s Beach Town

Two years ago this month, my mother and I ventured on a cross country trek in my brother’s Jeep across Canada. We drove west from southwestern Ontario to Vancouver, BC over the course of two weeks, and then down to northern California to meet up with the men in our family. The following are taken from emails I wrote to family and friends.

Day 3 : Thursday, August 2, 2012

So my friends, the time has come to speak in mine own words.

IMG_1759We left English River yesterday morning about 7:00 am Central time (which was really 8:00 am our bodies’ /inner clock time and therefore, not as early as we would have liked to have left – just couldn’t get enough Olympic women’s 8 rowing in!). Made our way out of Ontario and around most beautiful Lake Superior, and said “hello” to Manitoba early afternoon with theIMG_1773 obligatory: pull the car over, dash to the Manitoba border sign, and take umpteen cheesy shots. After minimal consultation we decided to check out the Winnipeg Royal Canadian Mint – a good idea – was very informative and interesting. Canada has it going on – we mint coins for 75 countries (including Saudi Arabia!). Interesting mention: 1. We provide ready-to-strike blanks to the US 2. At the time of our tour they were busy minting some Singapore dollars 3. The steel used for the coins comes from St. Catharines!

To journey to Gimli (not to be confused with Middle-Earth Gimli) or not to journey? That was IMG_1775the question of the day. We decided we’d like to check out the town where my roommate is from (and currently vacationing), so after we left the mint, checked out The Forks (the old part of downtown Winnipeg) to grab a bite along the Assiniboine River,  we headed north and took a chance to stop at Winnipeg Beach, 15-20 km south of Gimli. If any of you are familiar with Ridgeway Crystal Beach, ON area and their 50s vibe, I felt it there. Quaint and oh so friendly. Watched Phelps continue his most obtained Olympic medal record. Called it a night.

Kilometres achieved: 705 km

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