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As far as the eye can see #longeststreetintheworld

I love Toronto, but I do not love its transit system (Toronto Transit Commission).

Nothing like setting your alarm for 7 am on a Sunday (a Sunday!), with plans to catch a bus at 7:50 am (because the subway doesn’t start running until 9 am on Sundays – seriously? SERIOUSLY.), to catch a streetcar to get to the spinning studio to get your work out in. There is a lot of mental prep for my Sunday early am workouts. Most of Saturday evening I’m playing a tennis match in my brain of “I’m not going” vs “suck it up, you’re going”. Well I tried to go. But the TTC had other plans.

Goodlife Fitness had their annual marathon of which I was not aware. I live off of Yonge Street and sadly, our portion of the street was mostly out of commission. Not in my favour. I took a street car further out of the neighbourhood, to only realize that that was a bust, to then try and hail a non-existent cab, to then say “Screw this!”, and walk home to drop off my gear and change into my running shoes to go for a run. It was my first run of the season and at least it was a good run… in the outdoors no less.

All this hoopla because the city had an organized run happening. Perhaps if I watched TV every once in a while I would have known and tried to find an alternate route, so maybe I can’t be too upset. BUT, apparently, Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America (behind Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles) and we have a subway system that doesn’t run until 9 am on Sundays. This schedule should most certainly be revised and then all I would have to worry about is crossing the street without getting hit by a marathoner.

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