To shower, with love… and eucalyptus

Two weeks ago I had a conversation with an old friend about our mutual love for the White Oaks Resort & Spa steam room we once frequented. If memory serves, eucalyptus was used in said room to produce that clean, fresh, minty-menthol-y smell that we grew to love. Shortly after our reminiscing (and longing for the warmth and cleansing properties the eucalyptus infused steam room had to offer), I came across an Apartment Therapy article that suggested tying branches of eucalyptus to one’s shower head.

Brilliant. Why hadn’t I thought of this?

I set out on a cold, slushy, snowy adventure to a random florist I was directed to. While they didn’t have any eucalyptus, the owner was happy to order some for me, as well as herself because I had piqued her interest. Natch.

EucalyptusOnce my new favourite bathroom feature arrived, I picked my branches up and immediately set about sprucing up my boyfriend’s bathroom (much to his chagrin). I have subsequently tied the remaining branches to my own shower head (much to my roommate’s delight).

While they don’t emit as strong of a scent as I anticipated (perhaps I need to use more branches per shower head?), it’s still a noticeable one, with or without the steam of a hot shower. I do enjoy the scent. I find it refreshing and pleasant. Not to mention, the look of the bathroom appears more inviting. A little bit of nature goes a long way!

Opposed to the hassle of acquiring eucalyptus? Check out this treat I just discovered and let me know your thoughts!

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