Single in the 6ix: spontaneous magic

Reading many booksSpontaneity offered herself up to me and lucky for her, I was willing to accept what she had to offer.

Saturday mostly started off like any other. I’m getting good at ‘sleeping in’ (read: 20 minutes more than my workweek alarm) and lazying for a bit—catching up on my reading. My soon-to-be nonexistent magazine subscriptions have their own pile heaped by my bedside now and, like my father before me, I am unable to chuck ’em without reading them cover-to-cover. Skimming does not exist in my world. Except for the Daily Skimm of course (news paired down in (fun) terms I can understand!).

But this Saturday, while still sleepy eyed, I opened up Tinder to do a little AM swiping. It had been three weeks since I last swiped. Clearly on the downswing. But the Tinder gods were in my favour and I matched pretty quickly with a couple well-written individuals. One of whom was quite quick on acting on our match. Lucky for the both of us we sealed the evening with a date.

I gotta say this was the fastest match to converse to date I’ve ever experienced.

The conversation throughout the day was great. He used words! Punctuation! Clearly a catch. The conversation lead to the ask (out) that evening, and though my planning sensibilities sometimes get in my way (read: this was such short notice, I couldn’t possibly get my act together) I didn’t not decline.

And so, over dinner and wine avec Jayne, I shared with her the events of my day (one of which was frequenting the AGO’s Mystical Landscapes exhibit – I highly recommend) and true to her sweet (and persuasive nature) she urged me to meet up with said Catch. And so I did. Glasses and all.

And it is just a reminder to me and to you dear reader that sometimes it is in our best interest to live life a little less planned, without hesitation, because there is often magic to be found.

Letting magic in.


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