The Olympics: on highlighting sexism


I love sport. Err, rather, I love international competition on a global scale. AKA the Olympics. I’m losing sleep because I just can’t get enough, and that’s okay. But what I have had my fill of is the sexism that is prevalent. 

This Huffington Post article published on Monday lists 10 such examples of blatant sexism. It frustrates me, and it should frustrate you too.

Sarah Beauchamp starts her article with:

Nothing like the Olympics to remind the world how a woman can’t accomplish anything without either being compared to a man who does the same thing, being labeled as a “wife” or “mother” above anything else, or being blatantly patronized on national television.

… and proceeds to list the Top 10 Most Sexist Things to Occur at the 2016 Rio Olympics So Far.

I read it at work, and quietly stewed. Reflecting specifically on Katinka’s world record breaking, gold medal winning swim and the resulting commentators post swim words. The article is mostly US focused, but sexism abounds across borders.

And it was this morning that I came across much loved Canadian Adam van Koeverden’s very eloquent and much praised (at least in my circle of friends) piece on Feminism in Sport in response to a not so enlightened Adam Kreek opinion regarding Eugenie Bouchard’s focus or apparent lack thereof.

Adam’s post gives me the feels.

…check your male privilege at the door…

And teaches, or at least reminds, us how we all need to be a part of the solution.

Wanting to change the “recurrent sexist rhetoric” one conscious thought and one spoken word at a time.

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