The Marvel cinematic universe: A timeline

Captain America: Civil War

So, if you’re like me and have somewhat recently gone to see the latest Captain America, and, like me, love comics-turned-to-movies (but never really got into comic books), and you feel like you missed out on some finer details of the film, because it’s been too long since the previous ones… if any of that resonates, check this graphic out.

After watching Captain America: Civil War, I really wanted to re-watch all the previous related films. And that I did. With thanks to Caitlin’s timeline. It doesn’t follow the release order of the films, but rather offers the “perfect viewing order”. If I was a tad more ambitious, I might have gone through all the TV shows, but I’ll leave that to another time.

It really was beneficial for me to go back through all the movies. There are nuances I definitely overlooked, and I even forgot about some important characters: when they first make their appearance (sorry Sam Wilson); their back story; their relationships/history to one another (James Rhodes—my bad, I completely forgot his and Tony’s history :|).

After taking a long weekend to get through ALL the movies (minus The Incredible Hulk), I now need to watch Civil War again. It’s only fitting.


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