The hunt

I wander the fluorescent lit aisles, hunting for molasses. Not just any molasses: the fancy kind. I have already been to another grocery store that is just plum out (tis the season for molasses inspired baking). I stand back from the shelves to take in all the baking ingredients. Molasses is not there. I ask a yellow shirted woman where she thinks the molasses might be kept. She says she’s looking for it too and thought, “Baking aisle.”

I search for an employee and find a woman touting some kind of hors d’oeuvres in the cheese section. “Try the cereal aisle. Next to the hot cereals.”


Yellow-shirt and I meet again.

I continue to scan the aisle. Eureka. Fancy molasses in hand! We are saved, and now, I will spend the afternoon baking Sugar Crackle Gingerbread cookies.

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