The bucket list: freedom

Freedom. Means so many things. There have been many a Freedom 55 Financial poster strewn about the Toronto subway system asking commuters what freedom means to us. I know the ads are suggesting: get your finances in order with us, and you’ll be able to do what you want in life, be able to spend your money how you want in life. My personal fave poster is the one of a woman in a tutu walking in tandem with a horse, magic wand in hand. I don’t own a tutu and haven’t been on a horse in 20 years—and have misplaced my wand… But it still looks pretty liberating.

Recently I updated my facebook status to read, I want to swim with a whale shark.This notion of dropping everything I’m doing, and taking off to do what my heart desires at that given moment is gratifying. This notion would be more gratifying if I could actually drop everything in this moment and take off to south eastern Asia to fulfill said bucket list wish. Less recently, when backpacking through Asia, and when a friend and I were in the Philippines, whale shark swimming was a big attraction. I am a bit sad I never jumped aboard that particular bandwagon, or boat as it would be in this instance. But one day I assure you, I will swim with the giant—even if it is at present only in a photoshopped pic my dear friend crafted for me.

With regards to freedom, I imagine this experience to be quite liberating. Being in a somewhat controlled wild environment swimming in the deep expanse alongside such a creature certainly would make me feel all kinds of freedom. Granted I would feel very small and insignificant, but that in itself, to me, is liberating; being reminded that there is so much to this crazy life than a 9-5-TGIF-what am I making for dinner? kind of life.

What does your freedom look like, or mean to you?

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