Systur og Makar: my love of a good sweater

Day 2: November 6, 2015

Our second half of our second day in Iceland involved a little shopping, and a little falling in love with a partner and her boutique: Systur og Makar (translation? Sisters and Partners).

IMG_20151106_165346Cuteness on the outside drew us in. We were only looking of course, until I got to a rack that housed sister Katla’s (named after the volcano she tells me) own creation, the Vendingur. It’s kind of like a cape with sleeves and a hood that has a couple options of how it wraps/drapes around/over your body. They were lovely and unique. Katla shared at that moment how she is the designer of the clothing – her clothing line: Volcano Design, is for women and all about women.


Katla, a beautiful, fair (we’re talking Icelandic blonde) woman, a little shorter than my 5’9 and a little curvier, tells Kim and I how she wanted to be a size small, “My clothes, my shop? So. I am a size small.” WHICH MEANS: so am I. Ha! Her sizes are XS, S, M and XM. L does not exist my friends.


Vendingurs to your right

She pulls a stonegrey Vendingur off the hanger and demonstrates how it can be worn. I swoon. And get way too excited. I of course try it on with her help, and yes. I am in love. I love her work, I love the concept – I love the partnership. Love love love.


While I’m calculating how much this original is going to cost me, Dora, cute, pregnant blonde, and sister-in-law to Katla, shows Kim their magical leggings. They’re thick, high-waisted, and

l o n g

(which means they rest lower than my ankle. Swoon x 2). There are chairs in the dressing room to assist with trying on the leggings. They’re a bit of work, but it’s worth it I swear. Every detail that goes into them is all for woman-kind. The pattern, even in solid black, is all about elongating the leg, with vertical and diagonal patterns and strokes weaved into the fabric. Even the heels offered in the dressing room come in my size. I squeal. I never EVER have this luxury – my European size 41/42 feet swoon.

I h e a r t Iceland.

I have to make a decision. I choose my first love: the Vendingur. Kim chooses a pair of leggings.


Not to be all about the clothes, but the jewellery line, Krista Design, designed and made by sister María Krista, is awesome and unique. In fact it was some of her whimsical astrologically based necklaces that captured my first attention upon entering the store.

True artists. Who love women. And have a store full of product to prove it.

Check out their site. Better yet, check out their store.



  1. November 26, 2015 / 3:25 PM

    I love the look of this store, I think I want to move in.

    • December 2, 2015 / 6:01 PM

      I’ll join you!

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