Spiritual cocktails

WanderI follow a lot of Instagram accounts that offer up doses of spiritual wisdom. A cocktail of truths and insights, sometimes in poetry form, that resonate deep within me affirming what little I know and teaching me what I have yet to learn. 

I drink them in, taking long and satisfying pulls.

She had a Gypsy Soul and a Warrior Spirit. She made no apologies for her Wild Heart. She left Normal and Regular to explore the outskirts of Magical and Extraordinary.


A lot of changes are on the horizon and in order to keep my sanity and remain grounded, I look outward to unlikely sources of support, like Instagram. They help remind me I am on a trajectory that is both in line with my values, who I am and who I strive to be, and that I will survive. The fear of the unknown is great. The monkey (mind) chatter is deafening.  But the reward of mixing it up and trying something new is greater, no matter the outcome.

Most people waste the best years of their life waiting for an adventure to come to them instead of going out and finding one. They succumb to the status quo and dream of life being different someday. Plagued with indecision, they wait, unsure of the right path to follow. And as they wait, they miss an opportunity to life. The only smart choice is to move, to not hold out for a better time and choose a direction now. Yes, you could fail, but we all know what happens when you don’t try—nothing. Certainly, there will be bumps to the road, even wrong turns, but at least you will be moving.

Jeff Goins, The Art of Work

I have purchased my ticket (finally) to England. A one-way ticket to Newcastle for nine days of hanging with a bevvy of international women to honour and celebrate childhood bride-to-be friend. Next stop? Only future blog entries will tell.

Choosing a direction and leaving normal and regular behind.


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