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Winky face emoji

There is a time and place for the winky face. And it is not the first message you receive from someone new. I mean, it happened the other day, and all I think is:

  • What a waste of an emoji;

[scroll through dude’s bio, come to the conclusion that he’s a) not that hot (by my standards—Tinder is about snap judgements (if he was the only person messaging me I would be way kinder I swear) b) not much in his profile to suggest he even speaks English]

  • What the f*** am I supposed to respond with?


  • Where are all the clever boys at?
  • If I was cool like Iliza Shlesinger I would send random emojis back, like a few Twitter shrimp emoji Twitter shrimp emoji Twitter shrimp emoji. Yeah, that’s right: fried shrimp emojis. Why? Because you’re a douche non-articulate individual  person I’m likely not interested in, sending me a bloody winky face as a conversation opener and deserve to be messed with;
  • I look forward to receiving  😉 again. I want to expand on the above Twitter shrimp emoji
  • The Mindy Project. Season 2 Episode 8. 😀

When used correctly, the winky face can make or break a comment—it can soften the text delivery, because we all know there can be such texting distortion. For example:

[lists some nice traits of me] “…You must have at least one thing wrong with you…what is it? Pouting face emoji for android

“I’m really 3 feet tall”
“A chain smoking hunchback (no offence to hunchbacks)”
“I’m going to say that I’m plenty self-aware to know I am not perfect. We all have our flaws. But to say something is wrong avec moi? No sir.”
“I think you mean, what is wrong with me by the standards of your checklist? Winky face emoji

VS (and note the HUGE difference in delivery. Such a subtle omission wreaks texting havoc.)

“I think you mean, what is wrong with me by the standards of your checklist?”

And that is how you come across as a cute flirty (witty?) girl, versus a bitch (nothing’s hotter than eating a TV dinner in bed, in day old sweats, unwashed hair, sending winky faces through your phone).

Huge difference. #modernromance #datingscience

Note, R had a very intelligent response. We have moved away from texting through the Tinder platform to the more mature regular texting. #collectingtextpals #sadface #:(

I leave you with this The Mindy Project episode clip. Watch the whole episode to really do the scene justice. Or better yet, just watch the whole series.


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