Single in the 6ix: a watched pot

BubblesYou find what you are seeking when you are not looking.

I’m (still) not looking.

As the old adage goes: a watched pot never boils. Well, nothing exciting to report on the dating front, but that is due to my continued choice to not engage with ANY dating apps on my phone. Besides, I have been so busy and preoccupied working on a few personal projects I feel like I don’t have any time left over to do much else but sleep!

Plan #1 – The majorly fun plan: Travel travel travel

I need to be in England during the height of summer, and incidentally Canada’s 150th birthday, for a fab wedding. That, in itself, will be so much fun fun fun (until my daddy takes my T-Bird away—don’t have a T-Bird, so the fun will continue) and then afterwards I plan to pop on over to the Netherlands. Because urges and seeds. Sounds sexual, I assure you it is not.

It has been too long since I visited the mother country, I figure I must have been eight or nine, and that just won’t do. I’d like to (re-)visit my family, see all there is to see, and get some family stories and history down on paper… in English at least. This will be a trip chock full of self-discovery and I cannot wait. Well, I can wait a little bit because I have more planning to do.

Plan #2 – The pain in my head plan: Moving to a self-hosted website/blog

I have gone the way of self-hosting and moved my site to I’m not entirely convinced that that was the right choice for me just yet (holy learning curve), however, I continue to feel like I’m moving forward: learning, growing, expanding… developing new skills, etc., that overall the stress and anxiety that’s come along with such big choices (read: purchases) has been, or at least I think it will be, kinda worth it. More changes to come.

Plan #3 – The get fit for the summer (wedding) plan: Ragnar Niagara relay race

Yeah, that will be happening. I don’t consider myself a runner and I don’t run often. I typically only run in the spring and summer months, maybe a little fall, and the weather usually has to be pretty great. I’m not an indoor on a treadmill kind of runner, that is way too tedious. But with my drive to be my fittest self (and fit into a super beautiful bridesmaid dress) this is the perfect opportunity to achieve such a goal! I also have a coach with a Nike (NRC) app I use that has a somewhat personalized running plan to help me meet my end goal… of being able to (gulp) run a half marathon in four months. So far, the three runs the app has told me to accomplish have been a piece of cake. I’m sure that’s all gonna change real soon. That’s okay. The challenge will keep me on my toes (← see what I did there?).

So what is the Ragnar Niagara relay? First, when colleague Nicole came up to me to ask me if I would be interested in the relay, I cut her off because RAGNAR ([Lothbrok] of Vikings and The Last Kingdom – watch these shows immediately). Second, the relay is a two-day event starting in Cobourg, ON and ending in Niagara. We are trying to build our team of 12 (minimum to enter) where each person will have to complete three 5 km runs over the course of a day and a half. Is it strange that I’m kind of excited to run at like 3 in the morning?

So, I have been and will continue to be, busy with my personal side projects. No room for dating!


But, when oddly this past week, out of the blue, men from my past, ranging from months to decades(!), reach out because they thought of me or found me on the internet, one can’t help but feel that this practice of not watching a pot is leading to some bubbles. That, or there’s a mercury retrograde happening, but I’m pretty sure there’s not, so universe, what are you trying to tell me?

I continue to do me and fly very much solo. Having fun and rewarding experiences (stronger thighs!), as well as stressful and rewarding ones.

Let the water boil. I’m still not looking.


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