Sensitivity: the dandelion and the orchid

Field of dandelions

You’re too sensitive. Almost a mantra that floats through my head from time to time.

I grew up hearing, “Oh, here come the water works.” “You’re too sensitive.” “You need to toughen up.” My favourite? “Stop being so sensitive.”

Essentially, you’re being told to stop being you. That’s not cool. And adult-ish me says F that. Without sensitivity you do not have colour in the world. Your artists and creative types are sensitive. You have to be sensitive to articulate what you are seeing/experiencing/feeling.

I took a cognitive behaviour therapy course a few years ago, and I learned something valuable. Well, I learned a lot of valuable lessons, but something that touched me on a more personal level regarding sensitivity:

The dandelion versus the orchid. They require different kinds of care to survive… to thrive. One, without much attention grows like wildfire, grows like a weed. And the other requires specific kinds of conditions and care to maintain its health.

OrchidI am the orchid. You are the orchid.

There is no such thing as being too sensitive. We live in a world where it isn’t respected or praised. But wouldn’t you much rather care for, let alone look at, an orchid than a dandelion?


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