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I snagged this beauty from Facebook (11:11 Awakening Code). Interestingly, I was planning on writing a post that centred around this idea, because quite recently, after having a conversation with friend and massage therapist Jo Ann (while of course indulging in a delicious 60-minute massage) we talked about the above. It’s just coincidental (or synchronistic!) I came across the image so soon afterwards.

We were catching up and I told her I recently completed my CANSail 1  course (woohoo!) with Sailing Fanatics through the Toronto Sport and Social Club. We got into how great it is to be proactive about creating the life you want and how it’s important to make decisions and adjustments (no matter how small) to continue to create one’s life. I then explained how last summer I was on a mission to purchase a pair of Sperry’s. I, like a lot of people, like the look of them. I had a fantasy that I would wear them sailing. Et voila. I signed up for sailing lessons a year later, and when concerned I didn’t have the proper shoes for taking lessons (must be closed-toe! may get wet!), friend Sara said, “That’s what your Sperry’s are for”. Yes. Yes they are. I started last summer to create my sailing life.

And most recently I’ve been looking into acquiring Dutch lessons – because my father’s side of the family, is, you guessed it, from the Netherlands. My desire to learn Dutch just seems like a smart idea. Again, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a very nostalgic person. I get to be nostalgic every time I hear Dutch, and in this potential instance, every time I utter a Dutch word myself. Mostly though, I have this desire to live abroad. I’ve never been rooted to one place before for as long as I’ve been in this midtown apartment in Toronto. Nothing wrong with that mind. I don’t even have a concrete plan of uprooting my life right now. I just have an image in my mind of the life I want to live, and a large part of it these days is it not involving here – it involves there. I simply want to be abroad, and likely in Europe. And even more likely in the low countries (aka the Netherlands). The land of my ancestors.

This idea of cultivating a life when in my immediate future there isn’t a ‘plan’ to a) buy a boat and sail the seas, or b) move myself and my belongings to the Netherlands, isn’t for naught! I believe I am planting seeds for that life I will one day have. That life which will certainly involve sailing and speaking Dutch.

Planting seeds.


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