Rowing for the heart of it

RowingNot too long ago I was told that there was a reasonably priced rowing program put on by the Toronto Sport and Social Club, and even less time later, I signed up. I am oh-so-pleased that I did.

16 years ago I rowed in high school and fell in and out of love with the sport. It was introduced to me at the end of my grade 8 year, when our school took us for a day to hang out at Brock University and try out a variety of sports. We played around with the ergometers, and while I don’t think we got to go in the tank, I do remember noticing it for the first time. Little did I know that it (the tank) would become a Sunday weekly part of my life, and the sport, would become a daily routine for a couple years to come.

Then rowing was no more (for me).

Then… rowing was tonight! Tonight was our first practice. I italicize “practice” because sadly we didn’t get on the water: too windy. Regardless, tonight was about introducing ourselves to the coach, and one another, being refreshed with safety lessons (never EVER leave your boat! – when on the water; taking on water; capsized), and we had a hands-on refresher on moving a boat from point A) to point B) on land. Although, we did leave this evening with soakers because we put a touring boat on the water.

Words I forgot/ hadn’t thought of in… 16 years:

  • square and feather
  • riggers
  • deck
  • “5 am practice”
  • “let it run”
  • gunnels etc., etc. This list can go on.

It was lovely to have met some cool, new people, and I am most definitely looking forward to next Wednesday. I CANNOT wait to get on the water.

If you’ve never rowed before and are interested, TSSC has a “learn to row league”.

All of this fun takes place at the Bayside Rowing Club, check it out!

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