Paint all the feels


I follow the blog, My One Beautiful Thing, where blogger Donna shares art related content EVERY DAY. I don’t always see what she’s posted, but when I do, I’m sometimes left with all the feels. The goosebumpy, I-feel-it-in-the-heart-of-my-soul feels. 

The, I -wish-I-were-a-dancer-feels. I feel ‘all the feels’ with this little number conceptualized by Duncan McDowall and performed by his partner, Dorotea Saykaly. The first of an incomplete series, this is what Donna had to say about Painted:

A girl, a crow, and a building in decay…The series explores the human race’s tug-of-war with nature and the transience of the physical world in relation to that nature.

Take a look:

The view from my bedroom window is a visually bleak one: nothing but (I count 7) shades of grey. And yet, there is a hint of whimsy: the pine trees that live on(!) the neighbouring fancy-schmancy condo building, dance pleasingly in response to the very cold April wind. A bleak setting with a hint of nature. Nature and some greenery go a long way.

Now if only there were some contemporary dancers on those tree-lined ledges…



  1. curioussometimes
    May 13, 2017 / 8:13 AM

    Wow! That video was so beautifully eerie and emotive. I love how art like that can change your view and help you better notice and appreciate everday things. In this case, the decaying building and it’s interaction with nature.

    • Julia
      May 13, 2017 / 9:17 AM

      Well said! And the ‘hint’ of crow takes it to another level!

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