Netflix or bust: an endeavour to quit


A recent astrology post (intended for Libras) posited that it may be an idea to get healthy, and not necessarily in the diet sense—though my “once in a while” Rolo ice-cream binges really need to be more, once in a while, than, err bimonthly(?)—but in the cut-out-the-Netflix sense.

If you’re following the solar calendar, the sun is in Pisces, which means for me, that it is in my house of healthy habits. The post went on to say that maybe it was an idea to cut back on coffee, refined flour or sugar, and maybe go on a media diet.

I love TV shows. I love movies. I go home to the parents, and it’s, “Have you seen <fill in the blank>?” “No?!” “Oh you must watch it, it’s so good!” Hell, last week I mailed a flash drive with a bunch of movies and shows to a friend in Ottawa so I could open her heart and mind to some of my faves. I text and email exchange with bestie of what we discovered on Netflix, a hidden gem, or something obvious, it doesn’t matter. I even RE-WATCH shows or movies I’ve seen hundreds of times, though, typically, this pertains to movies of the romcom or Disney persuasion. A couple weeks ago I finished re-watching That 70s Show. Such a good show. Then I had a cry about saying goodbye to my friends. Well let’s be honest. I whined the whole last season because Ashton and Topher were no longer on the show—though they make one last appearance in the series finale (and it was bittersweet magic). I still wept for them. The actors, the characters, the saying goodbye.

Makes me think I need to ease off a bit.

Soooo, as I lay in my day-old PJs, the drugs slowly kicking in, hills of Kleenex around me, I realize something. Because, at this time, I have time to realize something. I am sick in bed and I have thoughts pinging around my head, albeit cloudy thoughts, but thoughts nonetheless, that are not getting drowned out by some kind of distraction. The astrology post has awakened something in me. I consider myself not an addict. Never been into drinking, don’t drink coffee, have the ice-cream problem sure, but I don’t fully consider it to be an addiction (sugar on the other hand?…), I am, however, most definitely addicted to Netflix.

My roommate and I are lucky if we make it to the 16 of the month (our internet cycle begins anew on the 17) without having gone over our internet usage. Oh the things I would do if I just didn’t put on one more episode of something. If I could control that impulse to binge. Maybe complete one of the dozens of blog posts I have drafted? Finish that Salman Rushdie novel a friend lent me? Take up Dutch again? Knit? Call my aunt in California? Work out more frequently? Who knows, the world is my oyster, but less so when Netflix, Shomi, CraveTV, and the like, exist.

It’s the spaces in between the hectic-ness of our lives where true magic happens. Inspired thought, cultivated relationships, practiced hobbies, etc., and we must, must, must: ease up on the binge watching.

Go read a book.

Or an article: This post called to memory an article I read last month by Sheila Heti for the New York Times. While it is not about watching a hundred eps of something in an evening, it is a Letter of Recommendation about taking time to slow down. Taking a sick day, putting away the laptop, and getting quiet.

Go get quiet. And see what magic happens.


  1. February 21, 2016 / 10:35 AM

    As I sit here watching the fourth ‘The Big Bang Theory’ episode of the morning…

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