Living that minimalist life: kindly exchanging my old clothing

Minimalist desk

A weight has been lifted off my bedroom floor—and consequently my shoulders—and it’s a big deal. I immediately feel lighter and freer and will continue to support the notion that there is indeed a correlation between cluttered space and a cluttered mind. Wholeheartedly.

I have shared a couple posts on minimalism (here and here) and though it has been over a month since the last minimalist related post, I continue to keep with the trend of pairing down in my life.

Be gone all those waiting-to-be-donated bags of someone else’s treasure (seriously, there was some good stuff in there. If you like name brands, there were boots, bags, clothes with stitched on names. The only trouble though, you see, was there were also a plethora of grommets circa 2002.)

For months my apartment building’s sweet little cul-de-sac housed two massive collection/charity/donation boxes that I took advantage of here and there with the less sentimental of items. However, one day, when I finally summoned the damn courage to dispense four loads of ‘someone-else’s-treasure’ they were no more.

And so, upon suggestion from many a Toronto friend and colleague, I pooled an Uber and made haste to The Annex. Upon where I entered Kind Exchange (one of many locations), dealt with two very unprofessional youths, and made nickels and dimes in exchange for Matt and Nat, Tommy, and Ralph.

I do not miss them… but had a fabulous lunch on them!

Let the creativity flow and peace take root in my mind and body, because with less stuff there is more space. And with more space comes free flowing energy, and ultimately, freedom.

Continuing on in the spirit of less is far more.


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