Living that minimalist life: an update

Cluttered home

I have taken the last three weeks to continually pair down my wardrobe; clear clutter off surface areas; assess what brings me joy and adds value to my life… and of course get my shit together for summer (because it’s officially summer)!. This is what I’ve discovered:

  • Blue continues to remain my favourite colour. Cripes. Tops, bottoms, blazers, jewellery, dresses, shoes;
  • It’s a toss-up between stripes or polka dots;
  • I have held on to rowing/gym clothes from my early high school years (17 years?). Though I tossed my Regatta Sport gear (BECAUSE IT HASN’T BEEN WORN IN 17 YEARS), I could not part with my “Rowing Kicks @#$!” shirt a la South Park. Like my Don Quixote night shirt, this too has been designated to sleep wear;
  • I own a number of shelves that have resided in the back of my entryway closet since I moved in to my apartment (six years ago);
  • Boots, heels, shoes. Gone gone gone gone gone. Pretty shoes I bought at a boutique that one time, but pinch my toes, so I’ve worn them maybe three times in the decade I’ve owned them? Gone. Well sort of gone. They’re in the donation-to-a-consignment-shop pile;
  • I have so many purses, they could maybe work again, but there are just too many grommets and studs—so early 2000’s. So instead, because they are real leather and a few sport some brand names, I will see about taking them to that consignment shop;
  • I keep birthday and Christmas cards. So many cards. Too many cards. And I know the collection is already paired down to the most special, beautiful cards. What to do? 30th birthday cards—keep? It was a big deal birthday, no? I’m telling you sentimentalism turns you into a hoarder.

This experience of letting go has left me feeling quite pleased with myself. And though there is still significant room for improvement (I’m looking at you mason jars I have on display), it certainly is a start.

I feel less cluttered in the mind. Truly. Even after clearing out my closet where I can’t really see a difference (besides the extra hangers), just knowing it’s paired down? Smiley faces abound.

For some inspiration on letting go:

When I started letting go, I started feeling freer and happier and lighter. And now as a minimalist, every possession serves a purpose…

A quote taken from The Minimalists: A Documentary About the Important Things. Read the article here and learn about Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus’ journey to living that minimalist life.

Their ‘just in case’ argument hits home. Besides holding on to old purses and shelves, I’ve also held on to the shell of a broken Crock-Pot just in case my new one stopped working, or the lid broke and I would have a back-up. Really?! *r e a l l y*. I don’t slow cook that much.  It’s gone now.

Feeling lighter.



  1. Henry
    July 11, 2016 / 8:06 PM

    P.S.- that’s a great photo to accompany your blog, but that must be a before shot!!

  2. Henry
    July 11, 2016 / 8:05 PM

    Good for you Julia. I’m trying as well but it is slow going-For sure I’ve reduced the rate of my hoarding and occasional spurts give me hope. Might actually on a macro scale be bringing down the content of closets.

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