Little whispers: listen to the heart


The universe works in perfect ways,
It always serves my higher good.

A little affirmation for you. A little over a year ago I posted this blog. I referenced the fact that I had the desire to live, most likely, in the Netherlands.

Now of late, I’ve been planning a trip for next summer. I have a wedding to be in in England (exciting!) and I figure afterwards I’ll hop on over to the mainland and see what I see that I haven’t seen in likely 20 years.

When I question and doubt myself on the kind of trip I’d like to make—the kind that involves being away for an extent of time where my absence will indeed be noticed, little signs guide me.

I’d like to share these little signs. These little whispers from the other side, from the soul, from the divine, spirit, God, from whatever-your-label:

Walking home, distracted, thoughts free-flowing, I question myself,

“Can I actually do this?”

(The this being pack up my place, put it into storage, and vamoose for a stretch of time).

A fraction of a second later, I have caught up with a woman on the sidewalk laden with her after work things, and one of her canvas bags is covered with little arty images of the Netherlands.

Little whispers tell me, I can.

I tell her I like her bag. She tells me I must go as soon as possible. Less a whisper, and more a direct command.

The universe works in perfect ways,
It always serves my higher good.

Eyes wide open, listening wholeheartedly.



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