Lazy, hazy days of summer

I love me some Calvin and Hobbes. One of Bill Waterson’s comic books are entitled, The Lazy Sunday Book. So when the words “lazy”, “hazy” or “summer” are ever near each other in a phrase I think of this book – for no reason other than the word “lazy”. And besides mentally grinning from ear to ear (because Calvin and Hobbes are the greatest comic strip to have ever lived) I am grateful for there to be a reason that the days are lazy or hazy… and that more importantly there is some affiliation with it being summer.

Today is the last day of summer. It’s Labour Day weekend and for us North Americanos it means back-to-school mañana, or for those of us who are not going to school, it’s simply back to the grind. Another season is at its end (even though technically of course we have until the fourth week of September to be concerned with the change of seasons. Hello autumnal equinox). There is an imperceptible shift in the air. Or maybe more perceptible: Two weeks ago, while shopping at my local grocers, the stock-boy was putting out Halloween packaged candy. REALLY?! HALLOWEEN?! And then, less annoyingly, today, I went to Starbucks and bought a peach black tea lemonade (delicious and refreshing!), but upon making my request the barista (baristo if it’s a male?) in a chatty mood let me know that starting tomorrow it will be all about pumpkin pie spice. This for a lot of people is a significant indicator of the seasons changing.

Pumpkin Pie Spice (PPS) will be in all its glory. I will try President’s Choice ice cream version of this flavour by the same name, minus the spice (to be fair, pumpkin pie is basically pumpkin innards and PPS – if you want straight up PPS ice cream, all you really need to do – and I’ve done it obviously – is soften your favourite vanilla ice cream and add a pinch or two of the spice and mix… and scoop into your mouth hole… and thank me later).

This long weekend we have been blessed with some great weather. Hot and sunny. It makes it feel like we are in a prolonged August, which is a-okay with me. There were magazine-reading-by-the-pool outings, ice cream cone indulgences, ROM visiting, guacamole gorging, and friends gabbing. No barbecuing, but that’s okay because we barbecue in the winter! It has been a great one and I now get to laze languidly about my apartment half-naked and soak in the last of this long weekend’s day’s heat.

Glorious. Maybe I’ll pull out The Lazy Sunday Book too.

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