Lawrence Hill: NBD

Tuesday afternoon I had an impromptu conversation with colleague Rachèl. It was a gift: my brain signalling I needed to use the facilities at this particular point in the day. Who knows how else my Wednesday evening would have gone had I not bumped into her at this time? Definitely less enlightening.

Rachèl invited me to attend the annual lecture put on by York University’s Centre for Refugee Studies. Their lecturer last night was none other than Lawrence Hill. Beautiful writer; beautiful speaker; beautiful human.

2016.01.20 - Lawrence Hill

Couldn’t tell you why the ‘super exited’ face is being expressed here. Note the marshmallow coat taking up the entire picture.

Prior to the engagement, I bought my first LH book, Blood. Which, given the awesome success of The Book of Negroes, might be an odd choice (I still haven’t read The Book!). However, anyone who knows me knows that I dig a good non-fiction read, and one that questions the symbolism, history, language of blood and how it identifies us? Well, that sounds like it’s up my alley. So read on I shall. Who knows, it may just inspire my own writing.

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