Specks in the sky: Jupiter

AstronomyI find that sometimes, it really does help when you look to the stars.

Astrology. Or what one individual I went out with a few times referred to as ‘space math’. *Giggles*

It may not be for everyone, but I do find solace in it.

Jupiter is doing his thing in Virgo for the next year, and for all you Libras out there, this is the time to go with the flow. It is a time of healing, creativity and transitions. So, I am trying to chill the H*** out and do just that (because I am a Libra, natch).

Heal (letting go of certain no-good behaviours and patterns; taking Kabbalah classes); Create (dressing up my space; developing a new me: learning new languages <ik ben een vrouw>; writing, writing, writing); Transition (new job; new outlook; travel; new projects)

For more information on what Jupiter in Virgo means for you, check this page out.

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