Jane Goodall lights a fire in my heart

Jane Goodall lectureLast week I was fortunate enough to spend some time in the presence of Dr. Jane Goodall. What an experience it was to listen to her speak. She oozes eloquent passion and captivated the audience from the moment she entered stage right. Or is that our stage left?

She began from the beginning: telling early childhood tales of her first scientific studies of animals—her dog! And chickens… and incidentally trying to understand where eggs come from. She spoke of her patient and encouraging mother and how Jane attributed her success to her mother’s ability (patience and kindness) to foster her curiosity which allowed her to dream big. Thank you Jane’s mom. For without you, the world may not have been so lucky.


She moved on to her time in Africa. Pinching her pennies and taking a boat the long way around Africa to get to Kenya to visit a girlhood friend. Opportunity struck, and she made contact with Louis Leakey. And, well, basically the rest is history. She studied chimps.She made a name for herself.

She moved on to share her time as an activist. One day a scientist, the next, an activist.

Her main takeaway? Hope.

Without it there’s no point in attempting to make a difference for the betterment of our planet. With it? The possibilities are endless.

We act as if there is an infinite amount of resources, but in truth it’s finite. We live on a planet with finite resources. We consume consume consume; over indulge; and waste.

Jane Goodall Talk - Toronto -20160412I was hit with a dose of her activism energy and I want to go out into the world and make a change. Shake things up. Scream from the rooftops and get people to see the truth… and to really, ultimately, love one another and our planet with unconditional, equal measure.

This lady is a gift. And I am so grateful to have heard her 81 year-old self speak with such passion and conviction. Her wit, class, and charm are heartwarming. “She’s a real spark plug.” I whispered to my dad, my date for the evening.

I’ve since looked up careers on the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada website. Let’s see what happens.

Until then, be kind to Mother Earth and all her creatures, whether in hominid form or not.

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  1. Henry
    April 21, 2016 / 8:22 AM

    A great brief synopsis of Jane’s talk. I will be inspired by your inspiration!!

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