Jane Goodall comes to Canada

African JungleIt’s true. Jane Goodall is coming to Canada this Spring, making four stops across the country in total.

You can find the schedule here, or if you’re in Toronto like me, buy your tickets here.

Much of what I know, which really isn’t much, are foggy bits and pieces I recall from history class in high school. My favourite history teacher… and only history teacher now that I think of it? Mrs. Warriner, spoke with great admiration for Jane. If I’m recalling correctly, we were shown some (old school) tapes portraying her work—that is, her out in the field (aka the jungle) with chimps.


She is the world leading expert on everything chimpanzee and she is 81 years old. Not only is it awesome she still lectures on the subject, but she continues lecturing around the world!

Jane is best known for her research as it pertains to chimps, specifically, how she studied and what she observed in the Tanzanian jungles back in the 1960’s was revolutionary and shattered, according to Silver Donald Cameron, “…our accepted notions of what it means to be human.” Jane observed chimp behaviour and basically noted our similarities with the beast (their individual personalities, intelligence, emotions, and relationships).

And so, she will be making a pit-stop in Toronto on April 12. I have bought my ticket, and am very much looking forward to listening to everything she has to share about her experiences, organizations, and the future of wildlife conservation.

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