I am batman

Psych! I am so not Batman, but the music alone in this little vid makes me feel like I could take on Gotham. If not Gotham, my own little world I interact with on the regular.

It is pure motivation in a time I could really use a dose of it. Perhaps not strictly motivation, maybe a tad inspiration and a little ‘note-to-self’:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.

All the difference, therefore, is believing that the dots will connect. I have been told often that it’s the journey and not the destination, but being a person of impatience, I of course forget this and want to be where I’m supposed to be. Whatever that really even means. So, I take the hint once again from this FB newsfeed* gem I discovered and I calm the f*** down.

Again, click here to be motivated, inspired… and/or to start thinking about your own dots.



*Thank you Courtney
* Thank you Mateusz M

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