Hello world!

Welcome to The Universe and Me. A blog I am sharing with you and the ‘verse about the goings-on of my mind and circumstances adventures.

I have always been one to journal, record, document my life via diaries/journals, video, art, and pictures, so what better way then to put it all together via this thing they call blogging?

The idea began a few years ago, when for a class, I had to create an “online magazine” and my group chose to do a travel related blog. ‘Twas fun, and I hoped to have continued with it (but school let out), and then, it wasn’t until more recently, when the desire to write and philosophize about life and travel, the universe, spirituality, and all the details in between, occurred to me and I felt the pull/desire/need to write something a bit more personal, a bit more me.

Julia van der Sluis

So having said that, I hope you enjoy, and find some kind of truth and/or meaning out of my collected thoughts, as I hope this blog will do just that for me… Or maybe, just have a bit of an eye roll and a chuckle. That would bring joy to my heart muscle too.

Chin up, raincoat on, umbrella optional.

♥  Julia

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