TED Talk: Why we all need to practice emotional first aid

Emotional HealthAh, yes. Another recommended TED Talk… but it’s so good!

Why you need to watch it

We all know to take care of a physical injury, but when it comes to our emotional health we may be a little lacking in the care department. Psychologist, and not a real doctor, Guy Winch explains in a heartfelt, practical way how we are more likely to seek medical treatment for an injury than to seek treatment for our emotional well-being.

We wouldn’t make a physical injury worse on purpose. You wouldn’t get a cut on your arm and decide, I know, I’m going to take a knife and see how much deeper I can make it.

Guy Winch

Unfortunately, though, we do just that when we are emotionally on the downswing. In the video, Guy discusses the four emotions that lead to psychological injury: loneliness, failure, rejection, and rumination. And even though there are proven ways to help us maintain our emotional health, we do not take advantage of them or we try and handle our issues on our own.

Listen to Guy’s heartfelt take on emotional hygiene and be impressed with his analogy at 12:38.

Matching the emotional to the physical.



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