There’s no room for FOMO

I used to suffer from FOMO (the fear of missing out). However, these days my calendar is so jam-packed with colour-coded goings-on I don’t have any emotional capacity to be anywhere near the realm of it.

Which is fantastic, because normally I suffer hard.

Instead, my brain doesn’t have space, time, or even the patience to be concerned with what others are doing or what they are up to—I’m too preoccupied with making my schedule work and seeing all my friends before I take off next week. Mostly, I’m preoccupied with searching for some quiet, me time because it is near extinct.

When I came across the shortest The Oatmeal post in the history of The Oatmeal (not sure if that is true, it could be), it got some serious laughs on my end.

If you suffer from FOMO, have a read. If you don’t, you’re amazing, but still, have a read.

Living la vida FOMO-free.



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