Firoza: love the skin you’re in! A 100% natural (Canadian) skincare line

Firoza skincare inspired coloursHigh octane and impassioned entrepreneur and momma, Nidhi Sachdeva, has started an all natural, Indian inspired skincare line of lovingly handcrafted soaps and decadently buttery body butters. Timing was on my side as I happened upon her in the reception area of Pure Health in midtown Toronto. 

A skincare line you can sink your teeth into

Firoza (‘turquoise’ in Farsi) is a company that sprang out of Nidhi’s love of crafting and DIY related projects. She began making soaps and cleaning products for her young family with the (sensible) belief that what goes on the skin should be safe enough to be ingested (not that you would want to eat a bar of soap, but if you did, its non-toxic properties would keep you safe—and possibly clean you on the inside as well as out).

Why would I put anything on my skin if it’s bad for me?

She asked as I nodded enthusiastically in agreement, rethinking my plan of trying to use up my not-so-safe designer perfumes.

I had the good fortune of meeting her, quite unexpectedly, when I came out of my sixty-minute massage therapy appointment. She was sharing her latest products with my therapist, artfully displayed in Pure Health‘s reception area.

Nidhi went through the gamut of her items and continued to speak of how they came to be. What started as making non-toxic products for her family and friends evolved into a safe-for-the-skin entrepreneurial venture and one I can really get behind.

It’s the skin of our body that beautifully holds the true inner you. We should know exactly what we put on our skin, the way we are conscious of what we put into our bodies as nourishment…

Beauty in the simplicity

The products are all natural and continue to be lovingly crafted by Nidhi. Simple and minimalist in both ingredients and design, they are influenced by Nidhi’s Indian background and speak to that of her heritage. The simple paper packaging alone is bright and colourfully patterned in graphic shapes, reminiscent of long ago seen tiles—her nod to India (and a wink for me to my own personal upbringing). Beyond the packaging, however, lies the real art: the naturally fragrant and organic swirls of ingredients combine to leave a beautifully designed artisan soap that smells as good as it looks.

Sandalwood-Rose Handmade Soap - Firoza skincare

We went through ALL of the soaps and ALL of the body butters. My favourites? The sandalwood-rose and jasmine-calendula soaps. If it weren’t for me pairing down my own personal horde of artisanal soaps, I would have purchased them right then and there… and bathed immediately. It must be said, if the soaps were an entree, the body butters were the dessert of whipped-up perfection. Nidhi shared that the mint-chocolate body butter was her most popular body butter, and while I can smell why, I personally don’t want to smell like ice cream all day. Might be bad for the waistline if you catch my meaning.

Luscious lips

Continuing with my intention to live minimally, I refrained from making a soap or body butter purchase, but to show my appreciation, and because I’m a sucker for mint (of the non-chocolate persuasion), I purchased a mint-infused lip balm. It’s refreshing fragrance and the tingly sensation the peppermint leaves behind after application has me using it regularly. I can see it becoming a staple in my purse!

Watch Firoza grow

My therapist and I learned Nidhi is presently perfecting a line of deodorants. She stresses she’s developing a deodorant that is neither a spray nor a cream. Sometimes, and maybe you agree, all-natural deodorants aren’t very practical (sprays are too drippy and creams are too messy) and so Nidhi is looking for a functional solution to the sometimes drippy mess.

Why I love Firoza’s skincare products

  • I can buy locally
  • Canadian made and developed by a female entrepreneur
  • Simple, natural and deliciously fragrant ingredients—spices remind me of my childhood!
  • The minimalistic artwork
  • Reasonably priced

Nidhi’s commitment to wellness and her passion for what she does is infectious. My small interaction with her was a joy and I am glad to have had the chance to meet her and learn about Firoza. I look forward to seeing where her inspiration takes her next!



  1. Andi
    April 28, 2017 / 12:27 PM

    I didn’t really ‘care’ or pay attention to what I was putting on my face until lately. Which is silly because I worry about what I put in my mouth etc. Do they have availability in the States?

    • Julia
      April 28, 2017 / 9:21 PM

      You’re not alone! A lot of us don’t make that connection, that our skin absorbs the chemicals, etc. Firoza ships to the states if you’re interested 🙂 I made another purchase yesterday actually and bought their sea salt eucalyptus-lemongrass soap, the scent is pure luxury. I’m a sucker for anything eucalyptus!

  2. Jo ~ Beyond the Lamp Post
    April 20, 2017 / 11:59 AM

    I love these types of businesses. My partner’s cousin has her own line of natural soaps and skin care products in Australia (Victoria Plum Soap) and her shop always smells so delicious. There’s something really great about being able to support these local entrepreneurs and do something decadent yet healthy for yourself at the same time.

    • Julia
      April 20, 2017 / 9:47 PM

      #truth. It really is a joy knowing you’re supporting an honest, healthy, and ‘clean’ passion! If ever I’m in Australia, I’ll be sure to look up Victoria Plum Soap!

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