Fiery Erica

They say love is friendship set on fire.*

Bring on the friends. Bring on the fire.


*As taken from Being Erica (Season 1, Episode 10). My new Netflix watch at the moment.

Gotta say, I kinda enjoy watching Canadian-made TV (previously I would avoid it like the plague), especially when it involves the city I’m currently living in. Besides the parallels between main character, Erica Strange, and myself (she’s 32, I’m 32 – give or take a few weeks; she’s single in the city, I’m single in the city), the story is interesting too of course: in every episode Erica gets a chance to go back to a point in her past and relive that moment in order to right a wrong. There’s always a lesson to be had and a quote to be heard. Love is friendship set on fire. Beautiful.

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