Extroverted Introvert

For years, I have read up on what it means to be an introvert and extrovert. I have related to both, however, given my loner tendencies, I really thought introversion was coming out ahead. I even went as far as purchasing this cute print from Society6 because it really did speak to me.


But then, as often is the case, I would read another article discussing extroversion, and well damn. Something resonated. So I then defined myself as an introverted extrovert… or an extroverted introvert… or a shy extrovert, because I started to realize that I was confusing ‘shyness’ with introversion. But, alas, this did not jive. Because sometimes, I just wanted to be on my Isle of Netflix.

I’m not sure why it is so important for me to have this figured out, though likely it has something to do with all the online dating profiles I’ve come across in the past—men posting their Myers Briggs types to give women some further insight into their personalities—though likely, because I’m unable to label myself with such ease, I’m therefore in the continued pursuit to define myself so neatly, so precisely.

And so, when Sara sent me this link from Anna Bashkova’s blog on  How Extroverted Introverts Interact Differently with the World, it finally felt like, at last! I have my very own label (and I wasn’t far off). I am an extroverted introvert, and maybe you are too?

Now I need some new artwork.


  1. March 3, 2016 / 8:52 AM

    I was thrilled the day I discovered the word ambivert! Apparently there’s quite a few of around that switch from extrovert to introvert and back again!

    • March 4, 2016 / 7:22 AM

      Ambivert? I like it, and I will use it!

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