Expectations: removing the bars


That’s the nuisance of expectations. They bugger up your experiences.

Said me to my friend when discussing our feelings about the Gilmore Girls revival  (our feelings were mostly not good).

Expectations have been on my mind. Mostly in the context of going into something – an event, movie, restaurant, and less in the context of expectations put on myself a la the above photo. However, the image still applies. And is always a great reminder. You do you.

I am often more pleasantly surprised when I check my expectations at the door. It’s not about setting the bar low. Hell no. We have our standards! It’s about letting go of the zig-zag and finding the in between. The in between of the real highs (zig!) and the real lows (zag!). I suppose it’s a matter of letting go of assumptions. By going in with a certain expectation, there’s an assumption being made as to what the outcome will be, either how you’re going to feel or what you’re going to get, like that movie is going to be super incredibly amazing because look at the cast/director/screenplay writer.

And if that can’t be done, then at least having some awareness that there were expectations in the first place, may make it hurt less when a beloved show you watched for seven years, and again and again on Netflix, turns out the way it did.

Colourful opinions are great—they have a purpose. But expectations, in my opinion, typically lead to negative emotions. And ain’t nobody got time for that. Though there is something grand about, say, finding a dive bar, having zero expectations, and having the time of your life at said dive… More zag and less zig?

Going cageless.


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