Ég ætla ad koma aftur til íslands*

IcelandSipping a chai latte on my last morning here in Reykjavik. I’m listening to two employees exchange their “nei’s” and their “já’s” as they place various souvenir odds and ends in their respective places.

A few tourists aimlessly stroll the shop, warming their cold hands, fascinated by the Scandi wares. The sun is fully up now at 5 past 10. It’s postcard writing time and soon I will be off to Toronto.

I had a lovely time: reuniting with Kim and making new friends – hi, Jess!

I enjoyed the tours put on by Gate1. I am most definitely sad to say goodbye. Thoroughly enjoyed our tour guide, Erling, and his very dry sense of humour, his use of language (the rain: it’s very nice, very beautiful) and of course, his pronunciation (“wee-sa” for Visa, “wiking willage” etc). Our driver, Frikee, was awesome and 100% Viking too. Double awesome.

More to come of course as I hope to reminisce for the next little while.


*Translation: I will be back to Iceland

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