Dreams: of old childhood homes and bird’s nests

Birds nest blue eggsI crouch over the kidney shaped, long forgotten, pool. Its waters haven’t been chlorine treated in a long while. They are dark, on the green spectrum, and somewhat mysterious: it’s hard to determine their depths.

In the shallow end, rises in single file, three small, perfectly round, bird’s nests. They look like they could fit in my gathered palms. Each with a pale blue and dark spotted egg. Singular. Nestled in the centre of its home. Ominous.

There is no current. This is a pool. And yet, they drift as if there is, moving ever so slowly towards the deep end like the slow moving Charon—drifting with purpose. The nest ferrying the egg. Until they slowly sink out of reach.

I squat walk to the right, grab a nearby deserted pool leaf skimmer and tentatively dip it and my arm in the murky waters. What lies beneath?

The water is bathwater warm, but still I have chills. The nests and perfectly placed eggs, continue to be out of my reach. Disappearing and reappearing. Toying with me? Bobbing to their internal rhythm of a current-less pool.

Until it is time to wake up.


Dreams are weird. And weirder still when often you don’t recall them. But when you do, and you’re brought back to the last house you lived in, in that country far far away, it sticks with you. The image of single, small, blue speckled eggs in three nests, is an image you wouldn’t find in the natural world. Especially if they’re bobbing to and fro in your childhood pool. What’s up with that?

Well, let me tell you about what I just learned.

According to dreamingthedreams.com there’s a lot to be said for nests with eggs. Eggs in particular are a sign of prosperity and as an unmarried woman they represent marriage. Do three eggs equal three marriages? I hope not.

Seeing birds’ eggs specifically (as opposed to reptilian or amphibian eggs?), signifies, “…legacies from distant relations, or gain from an unexpected rise in staple products…”. Not sure how to align that with my life.

My favourite interpretation yet: “Dreaming of seeing birds’ nests, denotes that you will be interested in an enterprise which will be prosperous. For a young woman, this dream foretells change of abode.”

Bring on the prosperous enterprise and change.

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