DIY Drab to Fab Mirror

I was gifted a mirror a la my parents when I first moved into my current place. A mirror was needed, and so I gladly accepted it. However, it wasn’t exactly to my taste; It was of the gilded variety (an ornately carved wood frame painted with gold paint) – which to me is ‘ick’.

I have known this mirror throughout my childhood and adolescents, but only as an object in my periphery. Now, years after I have had this thing in my pseudo-adult-like apartment and have stared at it, or rather,¬†into¬†it on a daily basis with no love or admiration for this piece of furniture, (the image reflecting back to me on the other hand… Kidding!) I can finally look at it with pleased eyes.


If you are not a fan of gilded anything, have an affinity for DIY, or just want to have some fun (and meet strangers – everyone that walked by wanted to know what I was up to), I recommend buying a can of spray paint and going to town.

I wiped the frame with a damp cloth, sanded the back lightly, made sure to cover the glass, and voila, a new mirror, one I can be happy to own.

Once painted, I have since learned this mirror could have been around 40-years old back in the 70s when my parents received it as a gift. If that’s the case, I could have just destroyed something valuable. Oops. At least it looks pretty.

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