Diaries of (my continued attempt at) a liquid fast

Craving hamburgers

Wow. Day two over and done with. I cannot believe I have not eaten food for over two days. While day two has presented itself as much more of a challenge (cravings! hunger! tired of drinking lemony green tea! ), it still remains more of an emotional challenge than physical. I’m pleased to report I’m continuing on this no food journey.

Last week when I was mentally preparing for this fast, as well as getting organized—mostly figuring out how I was going to manage drinking/preparing the solution at work, my presence in the office kitchen while measuring out how many ml my very large glass water bottle could hold, I struck up a conversation with a coworker regarding detoxes.

To which he said, “They don’t work.”

To which I replied (with a smile on my lips), “There are 2 camps of people. Some who believe and some who don’t.” And left it at that.

There are resources that can explain the merits of fasting far better than I can and I really didn’t want to get into a discussion at that time about something I was less knowledgeable about and that I am not a credentialed expert on. At that point too, I hadn’t tried the fast, and really couldn’t have been sure it would benefit me. Whereas yesterday, I blabbed on about it to half a dozen people (so much energy! hungry, but not like real hungry! my mind is so clear! I’m super woman!), though not to the same coworker as mentioned above—that guy is a lawyer, and one who I (potentially) justifiably assume is brilliant at arguing his camp.

I’m (obviously) in the camp that believes in detoxes and cleanses, and now fasts. I have felt the results. I have trustworthy and reputable sources (who even have fancy schmancy letters after their names) in the nutrition world who share with me the science behind what detoxes/cleanses/fasting can do for the body.

I have also listened at length to peers who say how bogus they are. To which I don’t agree. To me, in the simplest of terms, when I think of like, I dunno, a pool filter… an any kind of filter. And I liken that to my digestive tract, my stomach. My adrenals. All the emunctories that make up my body. And when I consider of the crap that a filter filters in that pool: them bugs; twigs; hairs; leaves; cat feces. You name it. That over burdened pool filter can’t keep on filtering unless it’s cleaned. So, in my mind, then, logic to me would dictate that my filters would too dig a detox, a cleanse, a fast.

So what is fasting good for?

According to the Living Proof Fast’s founder, Dr. Sachin Patel, the more you eat, the more energy it takes to digest. Fasting therefore, gives our digestive system a much deserved break and frees up energy so healing can begin.

When we fast…the body becomes lighter, more flexible; the mind becomes clearer and more creative. Great intuitive powers may develop and deep spiritual insights may be experienced…

I can so relate. I have so much energy and feel myself being more creative. I’m in a constant state of inspired. My mind is clear. Not unlike my belly.

If an estimated 65% of the body’s energy is directed to digesting, think of what that freed up energy offers. For a nice list of good fors (i.e. benefits to fasting) see the below list taken from Staying Healthy with Nutrition by Elison Haas, M.D. (and of which I discovered here).

Anti-aging effects
Better attitude
Better resistance to disease
Better sleep
Change of habits
Clearer planning
Clearer skin
Diet changes
Drug detoxification
Improved senses   (vision, hearing, taste)
More clarity   (mentally and emotionally)
More energy
More relaxation
New ideas
Reduction of allergies
Rest for digestive organs
Right use of will
Spiritual awareness
Weight loss

Sounds good right? Amazing things can happen if we liberate that digesting energy.

Be liberated!

But also do eat. We’re magic, but not so magic we can’t live without delicious and nutritious food.

Also. Fasting slows down ageing. Who wouldn’t be game for that?


Day two – Monday, January 9
3:31 am: I am so very awake. Not cool body. Not cool. I’m worried that I should be consuming solution? But I figure, I should really be asleep, and you can’t drink if you’re asleep. Sound logic.

6:20 am: I am awake (again). And with relative ease, jump up and out of bed to squeeze those damn lemons. I put aside a kit of sorts for what I’m going to need for the day in terms of solution.

6:44 am: First tummy growl! I don’t feel weak. I continue to be surprised. I’m also really digging my resolve. When I think, though, about the fact that I have not eaten in nearly 36 hours, it really does concern me. But, again, I feel great, so I’m going to continue with the fast. Gotta get ready for work.

8:48 am: Running late for work. I seem to keep forgetting to brush my teeth. Is there a point to brushing if I’m not eating? Don’t answer that.

8:49 am: Forgot to feed the fish. Without eating, my routines of brushing and fish feeding seem to be thrown off.

11:26 am: The day is going on like any other, minus my need for food of course. The feeling of liberation continues to sit with me. Like I can do anything. Energizer bunny.

11:33 am: I think I’ve jinxed myself. Or it’s my ‘routine’ programming kicking in? Because I am hungry and now is the time I snack on carrots. There are no carrots to be had. The thoughts of eating have entered my brain and I can’t seem to dislodge them right now. Work doesn’t seem to be enough of a distraction.

11:48 am: Feel nauseated.

11:53 am: Feel okay. Got up and took a brief walk around the office. Though damn. I am really craving eating something. Not anything in particular, but more like, craving eating something solid. Using my teeth. And that bit of chapped lip skin doesn’t count. Sorry if that’s too gross a visual for you but damn the office (and my apartment) is dry. #winter

1:02 pm: Feeling back to normal. The sip of solution I just took was very satisfying. Happy I just received too much work for me to handle because now I feel like my intense focus will aid me in forgetting that I am foodless.

1:10 pm: Going to the bathroom ALL THE TIME is very annoying.

1:27 pm: Fuuuuuuuuuuck. I’m hungry. The office smells delicious. I want food in my belllllllllllllly.

1:43 pm: Have increased my solution drinking to every 10 mins (instead of 15 like I was mostly doing yesterday).

2:04 pm: You know what would be good right about now? French fries. With a side of pancakes.

2:07 pm: Kidding. I want steak

3:10 pm: I can hear my coworker behind me chewing. Jealous.

3:23 pm: Another coworker asks me if I want anything before he goes out for a snack. I say, “Steak.”

5:39 pm: Tummy growls and I’m midway through a what will I have for dinner thought, when I realize. Nothing.

6:00 pm: Caught myself humming This Little Light of Mine while riding the overstuffed subway home. Then immediately wondered about my not being hangry. And why I’m not it (hangry). And what hangry really is about. Some western construct to convince us it’s an actual thing to remind us of some bogus notion that we need food ALL the time? Nope. Or Maybe yes. But on this fast, with no food, finishing up the second day without it would mean to me then that hangry doesn’t really exist. Especially, if, on an overstuffed subway, I’m humming This Little Light of Mine… and I don’t usually hum…

8:40 pm: Have the slightest, faintest headache. A little concerned I might be too hopped up on green tea.


Truth telling time

I don’t think I’m handling the green tea all that well. I feel a flutter in my chest every now and again. While I’m not concerned, I think I will need to make an effort to meditate throughout the day today to calm myself. Typically when I have this fluttering feeling, it’s because of anxiety. So, maybe either the green tea caffeine has something to do with that, or the emotional duress of fasting is more predominant than I thought it would be? I will pose this question to the Group.

FREEDOM. Freedom from meal prep. From getting up to walk to the kitchen to grab a snack. It amazes me just how much of my thoughts are centred around planning for food. and eating. I like my life simple. Not worrying about meal planning is a-okay by me.

The body is truly a wondrous amazing beautiful machine and I am so grateful for this experience. I look forward to accomplishing day three of The Living Proof Fast.

Feeling grateful… and youthful.


**I don’t recommend anyone attempt the fast without, minimum, becoming a member of the Facebook group, The Living Proof Fast, to gain further information about what you need to know and what you can expect from the fast (if you’re so inclined to try it). Also, it’s a great community for support. Interested? Check it out!

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