Diaries of (my attempt at) a liquid fast

living proof fast

My nutritionist friend Stephanie shared on social media (as one does) about her very positive experience with The Living Proof Fast from the Living Proof Institute. A liquid based fast. A green tea and lemon fast. A no-eating-solids-for-three-to-five-days fast.

And I was intrigued.

I got her to add me to The Living Proof Facebook group, I checked it out and I began to commit myself to this experience.

I purchased 20 organic lemons to start (enough for ≅ two days) because why buy more in case I give up prematurely? I’ve really gone into this experience with minimal confidence in myself and my abilities.

I purchased a couple boxes of green tea, and Grade B maple syrup to cut the lemon’s sourness. Grade B, as I have learned is “sweeter so you use less”. Fair enough.

The cashier asked me if I’m making limoncello. I said, I wish. And leave it at that because the fear of being judged based on my beliefs pertaining to detoxes comes to the forefront of my thinking.

The Living Proof Fast group shared a chart and it appears that for an individual such as myself I should expect to consume the following solution within a single day:

  • 4 L filtered/spring water
  • 16 bags of green tea
  • 8 lemons
  • 60 ml maple syrup

I texted Steph with my fears and some questions and she instilled in me a bit of I can do this spirit and attitude.

I had a ‘Last Supper’ of sorts on Saturday night with a mostly vegetarian based meal (The Living Proof fast details what you should be doing leading up to the fast to help prepare your body; not consuming meat protein is one of them) from Pukka on St. Clair West. Major deliciousness.

So why did I want to drink green tea lemon water in the first place?

Well, maybe the whole, it’s a new year new me syndrome sorta kicked in. Which is great if it leads to positive results. I have been experiencing major fatigue (thanks to my significant sugar intake no doubt) and definite brain fog for longer than I care to admit. Again, I’ve been told (by professionals) that likely this is due to sugar. The world leading, number one drug of choice PS.

Also. My lack of discipline has really taken a major nosedive this past year… or two, if I’m being really honest with myself. And:

I’d like to get back to the version of me that really cares what she puts into her body; that cares how she feels as a result.

So. Here we go.

Day one – Sunday, January 8
8:00 am: I cannot believe the amount of resistance my mind (ego?) is giving me. I have a dread in my belly—like proper dread, not tummy-rumbling-hunger dread. This is going to be tough. Am I really committing myself to not eating solids… for MORE THAN A WHOLE DAY?! I’ve half-joked to anyone who would listen about my inability to go without food/snacks at any given point… saying I must have starved in a past life for me to be so hung up on where my next meal is coming from. I have a very mild anxiety about it. I can’t even board a boat without knowing when I’ll be able to eat(!) a la this killer whale watching experience, as an example (did not impress my mom when I shared this concern with her).

10:00 am: Not hungry, but not digging the sourness of the ‘solution’. Am I really doing this? This is going to be sooo boring! 😐

11:17 am: First tummy rumbling! One single rrruummmble.

12:00 pm: Umm. I’m hungry. That rumble has had some rumble babies and well, I want to eat. But instead of actually preparing food, Imma go boil some water and start squeezing some damn lemons.

12:07 pm: I may have licked some pure maple syrup off of my finger. I want pancakes.

12:12 pm: Thoughts centre on: how am I going to accomplish this at work?

12:15 pm: I’m hungry. For pancakes.

12:17 pm: My mind seems to be fluttering on the edge of panic. I’m hungry.

12:49 pm: I just noticed my tum tum has stopped the rum(ble) rum(ble).

2:30 pm: Left for an hour walk with Jayne in the -9°C sunshiny weather. Was lovely. And apparently, a good thing (walking that is) to do on the fast.

4:41 pm: I’m surprised I’m not all that hungry. I feel really good. Not craving anything either. The idea of a burger sounds good, but more for the act of eating it, less for the actual want of it, if that makes sense.

8:46 pm: I’m aware of worrying thoughts, thoughts like how will I get through the second day of not eating food; this isn’t normal, and is this healthy? They keep pinging around in my cranium. I believe them to be all panicking ego. The ego likes comfort and status quo. The ego can go take a hike.

Truth telling time

So many surprises.

I’m surprised I don’t feel weak. I’m surprised by my lack of desire to eat. I’m surprised by my lack of desire to watch Netflix.

I took a walk today for an hour and it was lovely. I’ve been busy doing laundry and cleaning house. Vigorously cleaning. And feel no weakness or fatigue: amazing. My mind too doesn’t feel bogged down. It feels clear. I’m coherent and able to string these sentences together with relative ease it would seem…

I do feel physical sensations of hunger: the not-too-frequent stomach growlings. But I don’t exactly have a desire to eat. This is a very interesting, almost liberating feeling. I don’t understand why it is just so easy to get by on no solids. Perhaps, after a full night of sleep and committing to day two will not be (easy).

Normally, when I make a meal I put on a show or movie or something. And I just don’t have a desire to watch anything. Could it be, without food or a snack, I’m not into “TV” watching?! A minute ago, I forced myself to put something on—something that kept me up late last night because I was really into it, and it did nothing for me. This isn’t like me. But I like it. There is just so much more to do in life when Netflix isn’t ruling it.

There is just so much more to do in life when Netflix isn’t ruling it

Ain’t that the truth.


**I don’t recommend anyone attempt the fast without, minimum, becoming a member of the Facebook group, The Living Proof Fast, to gain further information about what you need to know and what you can expect from the fast. Also, it’s a great community for support. Interested? Check it out!




  1. Jane Allison
    January 9, 2017 / 4:27 PM

    Miss Julia,
    I have done these great life giving fasts a number of times and they are uplifting to the soul and body. I have always thought that I should be doing them more than I do. I have some excuses lately, but I will be joining you in this quest for freedom of food as soon as I am able, but I do have to tell you, the second day is when it usually hits! I want to know how you are feeling after the first day?? ;-(((

    • January 9, 2017 / 7:22 PM

      Awesome Jane! I have plans to fast in the future. Maybe as the season change… we can be fasting buddies. A ‘Day 2’ post to come, so you’ll hear all about it. 😉

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