Cupcake a day, keeps the cravings at bay

I just came to the realization that I have been eating a cupcake a day (you see, it was my birthday this past weekend and my fabulous friend Sara made me some delicious vanilla cupcakes with stenciled letters on them that spelled out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, today I had an “H”. Delicious), and although this is a pretty stellar way to live, consuming delicious confections daily, it cannot go on! But alas, it will, as I still have a few letters to get through, and I am not sharing!

Upon coming to said realization, it occurred to me: what if having one cupcake a day kept all other cravings, as the title suggests, at bay?

I reflected on this past week and thought about my cravings and whether or not there is truth to this. This past week is a poor example. Another friend made me chocolate chip cookies. I have still been eating those. Our office got some free Big Feet candies, so there was that… and then the month leading up to the day of the cupcake’s birth (as well as my own!), I had been forgoing sugar altogether. Hmmmm. Not the best sample.

So to sum up, birthdays are great for receiving free treats. And to keep enjoying them and feeling like you’re in control, and they aren’t, draw it out (as in, eat one a day) real slow like.

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