Pilates: Bring on the heat, bring on the pain


This is not me

Like, ehr – mah – gawd !

My roommate got wind of a Groupon deal for Toronto’s “uptown” Moksha yoga studio: two months for $75. Not bad.

I signed up and after a couple hot vinyasa and moksha classes I feel a little tired of the routines. That is not to say the classes are no good. They are good. The instructors are good. I just typically need a bit more stimulus, but this is also why I like yoga: it forces me to   s  l  o  w the H down.

Learning to be present. Trying to be present. Being present, is a constant struggle. Bring on Moksha’s 75 minute classes and I’m itching to break free!

I suppose the above has made me not too keen on going. The 75 minutes I find really hard to pepper into my schedule (not unlike my 45 minute spin classes at Quad… on the other side of town—I realize I make no sense, what with Moksha being a two minute walk from my apartment). Le sigh.

HOWEVER, I did discover Moksha’s Hot Pilates class. I have never participated in a pilates class in my life. And may I say, 1. I appreciated the 60 minutes (flew by!), 2. My core got a work out of its lifetime (hence the OMG). At one point I imagined my abdominals unzipping at their seams. Likely that’s not good… them unzipping/tearing. But isn’t that how you build muscle? Tear a little, grow a little?

Variety. It’s the spice of life. Spin, yoga, pilates.

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