Can you ever be too much of a hermit?

dance in a club

I have become quite the recluse of late. A wild night encompassing my eating a burger in a reclined seat at the movies. I’m not complaining, I love me my movies and indulging in Cineplex’s VIP theatres (only theatres with reclining seats though of course). I get giddy with the anticipation leading up to the movie of choice and it doesn’t even have to be with a friend(s). I rock the movie-watching solo too, and I like it.Read More »

Curiousity flows down everlasting waterslides

Inverness forestWhat time is it? Read More »

Living that minimalist life: decluttering in the digital age

Mike Rowe

As the days grow longer hinting at the imminent death to winter (Spring is coming!), I am renewed with energy to attack attack attack all aspects of my personal life and streamline: declutter.Read More »

Simple Poetry: winter melting into spring

SnowflakeFrom where I sit

Pretty little snowflakes

Float sideways, upways

Gently to and fro

It’s a wonder they ever make it to the streets below

Spiritual cocktails

WanderI follow a lot of Instagram accounts that offer up doses of spiritual wisdom. A cocktail of truths and insights, sometimes in poetry form, that resonate deep within me affirming what little I know and teaching me what I have yet to learn. Read More »

There is no spoon

Computer matrix code
There is no self.Read More »

Dueling identities: less the me I should, more the me I need


barefoot woman

Too long I have been contained, refrained by the Big Smoke chains around my ankles, my wrists. Read More »

Walking away is no easy fight


Every time I saw you I became your punching bag




You punched with such power, such force, such anger

Hit after hit after hit

I collected myself

I got back up again.

And then with one final sucker punch, I was out of the game

Packed up my kit, walked away, leaving my gloves discarded

The biggest fight of all is ahead of me –

Both the struggle and the ease


Single in the 6ix: a watched pot

BubblesYou find what you are seeking when you are not looking.Read More »

Long Tall Sally: where dreams of covered ankles are realized

Lonely giraffe

Something magical happened last week: I ventured a step into Toronto’s Long Tall Sally store and I nearly cried. Read More »