There is no spoon

MatrixThere is no self.Read More »

Dueling identities: less the me I should, more the me I need


barefoot woman

Too long I have been contained, refrained by the Big Smoke chains around my ankles, my wrists. Read More »

Walking away is no easy fight


Every time I saw you I became your punching bag




You punched with such power, such force, such anger

Hit after hit after hit

I collected myself

I got back up again.

And then with one final sucker punch, I was out of the game

Packed up my kit, walked away, leaving my gloves discarded

The biggest fight of all is ahead of me –

Both the struggle and the ease


Single in the 6ix: a watched pot

BubblesYou find what you are seeking when you are not looking.Read More »

Long Tall Sally: where dreams of covered ankles are realized

Lonely giraffe

Something magical happened last week: I ventured a step into Toronto’s Long Tall Sally store and I nearly cried. Read More »

Throw a little heart at it

I have so much on the mind and on my plate lately, I’m experiencing major overwhelm. And because my mind is so heavy. So bogged down, icky feelings of recent past heart hurts have come up. And as often is the case, little whispers from the universe—coincidence, a serendipitous occurrence—shed some light when I’m in the dark.

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Happily Ever After?

Diaries of (my continued attempt at) a liquid fast – Part 2


Day three proved to be interesting. And a little disappointing. I woke up wishing I had more sleep—partly my fault, partly the large quantities of green tea consumption. But lack of sleep was the least of my worries. A little virus by the name of Norwalk decided to pay a visit.Read More »

Diaries of (my continued attempt at) a liquid fast

Craving hamburgers

Wow. Day two over and done with. I cannot believe I have not eaten food for over two days. While day two has presented itself as much more of a challenge (cravings! hunger! tired of drinking lemony green tea! ), it still remains more of an emotional challenge than physical. I’m pleased to report I’m continuing on this no food journey.Read More »

Diaries of (my attempt at) a liquid fast

living proof fast

My nutritionist friend Stephanie shared on social media (as one does) about her very positive experience with The Living Proof Fast from the Living Proof Institute. A liquid based fast. A green tea and lemon fast. A no-eating-solids-for-three-to-five-days fast.Read More »